The Issues


Make Badgercare more accessible so that everyone can easily buy in, regardless of income.

Our citizens are most productive and happy when they are healthy and have easy access to healthcare. The current system hurts those who are under-employed, employed as contractors, and the unemployed. The need to sign up and qualify every year for health benefits, the restrictions on access to Badgercare, and the uncertainty that every worker faces regarding health care if they lose their job is unacceptable. The hard working people of Wisconsin do not have the time and energy to navigate the bureaucratic nightmare of health insurance. Let’s simplify it so that people can enjoy life in our community.


We need to fully fund our public schools and pay our teachers like the professionals they are.

All schools receiving public funds must have the same standards for accountability. We will never be able to retain quality teachers dedicated to helping our children grow into successful adults if we constantly pull the rug out from under them. They are professionals and need to be paid as such. Teachers need for us, the community, to provide them the resources to make students thrive.

Clean Government

Wisconsin used to be a model to the rest of the country for what a government accountable to the people looks like. We need to lead on this again.

We used to demonstrate to the world that honesty and integrity in government is possible. In recent years, leadership in Madison has worked to undermine this history of transparency.  Most recently, the Governor attempted to pass legislation to circumvent a court’s order to hold a special election. He denied hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites representation in the Assembly and Senate simply because he thought that he wouldn’t like the results of a special election. This kind of partisan gaming of our democracy cannot be tolerated. I will fight to bring back honesty and integrity to our Wisconsin democracy.

Responsible Gun Ownership

We need to close the gun show loophole and institute universal background checks on all gun sales.

I stand with our students to enact common sense gun reform such as closing the gun show loophole for background checks. Students from all across the country have spoken loud and clear. They are not going to accept the culture of fear of gun violence in our communities. We have a duty to support and protect our young people.